It’s written in sands of acceptance.

Shattered innocence on the beach.

Pain is such sweet comfort food.

It’s familiar in it’s abusive ways.

Her pain is within arm’s reach.

Instinct to heal brings me closer.

Softly kissing self inflicted graffiti.

Can she feel the power of touch?

~ Mr. Aquarian ~

Shattering Love

Have this vision of our love in my hands, fragile, like glass. And it’s breaking. Cracks appearing everywhere.

As I frantically try to fix it,
it begins to shatter faster.
The more I do to fix it,
the faster it breaks apart.

Realizing I’m making it worse, I gently lay our love in the soil, with my tears and prayers for love to grow again.


Reality is based on perspective. We create either heaven or hell by how we view ourselves and life. What we say and think is the magic used to create our world.

People’s opinions of the world we’ve created is irrelevant. How much we allow our reality to be shared with the larger world is based on how much we need to conform, to exist in peace.

For another to come into our world, they must accept our reality as we created it. Otherwise, they will always be a visitor, and never home.

Storm Of Unrequited Love

Floating in the waves while she kneels at the shore.
Can hear the prayers of her broken heart
Looking up at the heavens and begs for more.
She just needs a reboot as a restart.

I’m screaming I’ve been sent here to help heal you.
She doesn’t hear me over this deep pain.
Can’t she see, saving me is her own rescue.
I’m invisible in all of this rain.

Begin to drift away without her knowing,
The answers to our prayers was right here.
I’m drifting farther as the winds keep blowing.
She never knew the blessing was so near.

~ Mr. Aquarian ~


The blinds are keeping the harshness of the light out.
Feeling deep inside this is the wrong route.
Slowly walking to the broken windows of my soul.
It’s in my memories, just need to scroll.

Realizing why they’re called blinds, I tear them all down.
Truth crashes through and floods until I drown.
The intense pain of your silence makes my spirit cry.
Will you ever truly understand why?

I’ve been longing to put the hands of time in reverse.
Wishing I could somehow find the right verse.
Actions have been showing how you actually feel.
It hurts in knowing none of it was real.

Now I finally know I was just a time filler.
The friendship is dead and you’re the killer.
Neglect and indifference were your weapons of choice.
Should have never ignored my inner voice.

~ Mr. Aquarian ~

Behind It All

They are high and many layers thick.
Invisible yet my insight can see them.
It’s a part of you and that’s the trick.
Foolish to attempt to knock it down.

Leaping over them is not possible.
Walking over to the nearest hill.
Because I don’t think its an obstacle.
I’m choosing to sit on the grass.

Can see over these walls from here.
Gazing upon so much hidden beauty.
The reason for them become clear.
All works of art must be protected.

I’ve always known the walls are alive.
They are unseen layers of your skin.
Searching for open pores as I strive,
To absorb your essence as it flows out.

~Mr. Aquarian~